Bring Your Big Ideas to Life


Lightdeck Labs is a place for groundbreaking entrepreneuers and innovators to create new technologies and businesses that change the way we live and work by solving highly compelling problems. We believe in building a community of passionate teams and individuals who want to make a difference.

We aim to advance innovation by lowering the barrier to entry and expedite the time to market for entrepreneurs and early-stage companies that are working on breakthrough next-generation technologies.



Be part of a community of motivated individuals where you can develop your technology and grow your business.

Member benefits include hot-desk seating, managed mail, internet, printing, space for meetings and lounging, and a common kitchen.

Members also have access to our manufacturing network, investor network, and guidance on grant writing (SBIR) and fundraising.

Use our flexible lab space to house your equipment and develop you technology from R&D to manufacturing and commercialization.

We offer highly competitive machining services, and also allow trained and qualified members access to our on-site machine shop, which includes a Tormach CNC 1100 with turning capabilities; a Bridgeport knee mill; sheet metal brake, shear, notcher, and punch equipment; surface and bench grinders; a welding bench; cut-off and compound miter saws; arbor and hydraulic presses; belt sanders; a pneumatic sandblasting chamber; and 3D printing.



For entrepreneurs and early-stage companies who are looking for office and/or research and development space, our incubator program is the prefect fit. Grow your company from our space within a community of like-minded and passionate individuals.

An Incubator might be right for you if you have just started your company to build on that big idea you want to bring to market. You probaby have a prototype in some form. You might need to develop your idea further. You have no business model and direction yet to bring your innovative idea to market. You are ready to further develop your product and commercialization plan.


For entrepreneurs and early-stage companies who are ready to take their company to the next level and are looking for investors and/or venture cap funding, we can help match you with appropriate investors or will consider investing in your company ourselves. We consider individuals who have gone through the Lightdeck Labs Business Development Residency or have been members of the Lightdeck Labs Incubator, but also welcome outside inquiries.

An Accelerator might be right for you if you have a business model and direction to bring your idea to market but need to advance the growth of your company. You are looking for investors and/or venture cap funding, and others with knowledge, connections, and influence to help bring your idea to market. Investors in your company believe in your idea and often ask for a small share of the company as compensation for their time, expertese, and funding. With a stake in your company, they are highly motivated to see it, and you, succeed.

Business Development Residency

Designed for motivated entrepreneurs, this 6-week program gives resident members free access to our office space from which they can develop a viable business plan and a credible commercialization strategy. Residents will also be able to get advice and guidance from other members of our community. Ideally, at the end of the program, members should have a business and commercialization plan, be able to hand out an executive summary, be able to give an elevator pitch, and have a slide deck prepared that could be presented to potential investors. We aim to provide an environment and resources that will help catipult you to success.

If these primary goals are met early on, resident members are encouraged to design and get a prototype underway, increase funding or apply for grants, and start generating revenue.


  • Incubator / Accelerator
  • Rate: $529 / month
  • Lab/Shop Space: $3.98 / sq ft / month
  • Extra Key Fob: $275 / month
  • Unassigned Hot-Desk Seat
  • Internet (WiFi & CAT5)
  • Shared Office and Meeting Space
  • Managed Mail
  • Access to Lab/Shop Space
  • Access to On-Site Machine Shop
  • Access to Loading Docks
  • Shipping Discounts
  • Server Rack Space
  • Access to Investor Network
  • Access to Manufacturing Network
  • Guidance on Grant Writing and Fundraising
  • Apply

  • Business Development Residency
  • Rate: FREE upon Acceptance
  • Unassigned Hot-Desk Seat
  • Internet (WiFi & CAT5)
  • Shared Office and Meeting Space
  • Guidance on Writing a Business and Marketing Plan
  • Guidance on Grant Writing and Fundraising
  • Apply